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Book Details
Title BEYOND MF15 Your Complete Formulae List
Author Jackie Lee
Language English
First Published in 2012
Dimension 14.80 cm x 21.00 cm
Number of Pages 24 pages
Type Paperback
Brief Description MF15 is the official formulae list provided during H2 Mathematics examination. BEYOND MF15, as the name suggests, is designed to offer an all-in-one handy booklet, capturing all the formulae that candidates need to know, besides those essential ones given in the official set. Mr Lee uses this self-made booklet extensively in class. He teaches students how to use simple methods to effortlessly absorb those odd-looking formulae, instead of hard memorizing. More importantly, he guides students how to apply the formulae more appropriately and efficiently, that would escalate outstanding students from the ordinary crowd. The latest edition also includes a four-page GC quick reference, summarizing all the important but easily forgettable command button pressing orders. In a nutshell, this self-made formulae booklet is an ideal companion for the whole two-year A-level course.
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Available at Jackie Lee Learning Center (Goldhill Branch)
Book Details
Title Practical Guide to GCE “A”-LEVEL H2 MATHEMATICS
GC Approach
Publisher GLM Pte Ltd
Author Jackie Lee
Language English
First Published in 2009
Dimension 14.80 cm x 21.00 cm
Number of Pages 151 pages (Texas Instrument)
136 pages (Casio)
Type Paperback
ISBN 978-981-08-3734-1 (Texas Instrument)
978-981-08-2930-8 (Casio)
Brief Description Practical Guide to GCE “A”-Level H2 Mathematics GC Approach is especially written to help students grasp the essential GC techniques and further explore various useful GC tricks that most students are not aware of. It aims to serve as a handy GC reference text that supplements the usual lecture notes and other study materials. By adopting a practical “Problem-Based” approach, it gives a step-by-step illustration on how the GC can be appropriately applied in solving examination questions. Practical tips and comments are included wherever necessary to provide additional explanation.
Price SGD$11.90
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Jackie Lee Learning Center (Goldhill Branch)
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